5 Tips To Learn Machine Learning

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The progress that machine learning has made in past decade strikes everyone as genuine and astounding. Tons of libraries, architectures and mathematical equations have been developed to support machine learning. Such a growth is attracting every developer. No matter even if he has been doing quantum computing, he might want ...

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Working with git

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My name is Harshul Jain, and I am the part of this Open source world. It is the world, where good and bad practices for creating the softwares are followed. I look on both the ways, but prefer to use the most preferrable way of developing software.

Development of Github ...

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Working with pelican

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I am a Python developer, and an active document making guy. I love making documents through Blogs and over sphinx because it helps other developers understand, and contribute on what I love to do. It has been 2 months when I started preparing the blog with Django. Yeah a Dynamic ...

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